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Lasers and Equipment

Zerona™ - "Non-Invasive Body Slimming"
A new non-invasive body sculpting procedure designed to remove fat and contour the body without invasive surgery. This revolutionary method provides results without the dangers associated with surgery, while at the same time allowing patients to remain active during treatment.

How does it work? It works by utilizing the Erchonia® Laser Scanner, which is also FDA market cleared for laser assisted liposuction. The Laser Scanner allows for the emulsification of adipose tissue, which releases into the interstitial space. The excess fat is then passed through the body during its normal course of detoxification. The Zerona™ procedure was proven through a double-blind, randomized, multi-site, and placebo-controlled study in which patients, on average, lost 3.64 inches from their waist, hips and thighs. This result is dramatic compared to the placebo group, which only lost an average of half an inch.

What can it do for you? Reduce inches from target areas. Contour and reshape your body. Tighten and tone loose skin. By following the Zerona™ treatment plan you can: see dramatic reduction in cellulite, drop 2 to 7 pant/dress sizes, lose 3 to 9 inches and reduce stubborn fat from the tummy, back, hips, thighs, buttocks, love handles, arms, chin and neck.


Spectra VRM II™ - "The Healing Power of Light"
An award-winning laser system that is designed for treating a large number of dermatological and aesthetic applications. Capable of producing 4 wavelengths, this system photo-mechanically removes epidermal and dermal pigmented lesions and all types of colors in tattoos with ease.

How does it work? It uses high intensity pulses of light to significantly lighten or completely remove tattoos, without harming the surrounding healthy cells. When the particles of a tattoo absorb the laser light, they are broken up into tiny fragments. These fragments are then absorved through the body's natural cleansing mechanism.

The addition of Spectra Mode, a quasi-long pulse of 300 microseconds, is ideally designed for the newest application in non-ablative skin rejuvenation. In combination with a carbon-based lotion, Spectra Mode creates a photothermal effect into the skin and stimulates skin cell regeneration.

What can it do for you? It creates smooth youthful skin to control inflammatory acne, reduce pore size and fine wrinkles, all at the same time. The Spectra VRM II™ also presents Spectra Laser Toning, a safe and effective way to improve the pigmentation in melasma. With a short treatment time and minimal discomfort to the patient, this non-ablative procedure delivers proven and impressive clinical results.


Portrait™ - "Dramatically Different, Clinically Proven"
The first and only cosmetic treatment proven to deliver true regeneration of the natural collagen and elastin structure of the skin thereby improving contours, tightening skin, smoothing wrinkles and enhancing your overall appearance.

How does it work? The innovative FDA-cleared Portrait Plasma procedure is the first and only technology proven to deliver true skin regeneration. It employs nitrogen based plasma energy that transfers heat to the skin using a non-contact technique. The ground-breaking science behind Portrait Plasma makes it different from other treatments in several imoprtant ways. 100% of the skin is treated initiating regeneration deep below the surface, remodeling a natural skin architechture which replaces the damaged, wrinkled layers naturally. And the results have been clinically proven to last for two years after treatment.

What can it do for you? Portrait Plasma skin regeneration begins with a simple procedure after which you will see tightening, improvements in your skin tone and texture and diminished wrinkles. Treated skin continues to improve through intense activity by fibroblasts in the skin that form a new, natural collagen and elastin structure not seen with laser, fractionated and light source technologies. This improved skin architecture provides sustainable improvements in wrinkles and acne scars enhanced by a natural, tighter, more vibrant and youthful appearance.


Mixto® - CO2 Fractional Revolution
Using a complex algorithm, Mixto delivers a precise matrix of Microspots that penetrate to the dermis and stimulate the formation of new collagen. At the same time, immediate shrinkage of damaged tissue is achieved.

What can it do for you? Immediate contraction of collagen fibers reduces wrinkles and loose skin. Removes pigmentation problems, reduces pore size, wrinkles, acne scars, and other textural irregularities. The Mixto technique also makes the healing process much quicker and enables patients to get back to their normal lifestyle sooner.


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